What is the current TRON price?​


What is TRON?

TRON aims to enable users to publish and store virtually any kind of data as well as get rewarded for it in a virtual and open environment. TRON and its native currency TRONix (TRX) strongly resembles Ethereum as it gives the ability to build smart contracts with Solidity (programming language), issue tokens and deploy dApps (decentralized apps).

All these and more tools allow developers to build a wide variety of businesses and applications, including social media and retail networks, online stores, publishing platforms, peer-to-peer video streaming and pretty much any application that exists on the internet right now.

TRON has plans to develop in six phases. For starters, it aims to deliver distributed file sharing, drive content creation using financial incentives, allow content creators to create and issue their own tokens and, eventually, decentralize the gaming industry.